Instant Liquidity While
Keeping Your Crypto

You want to hodl your crypto but have bills to pay? Get a cryptocurrency backed loan with up to 90% loan to value (LTV).
Instant cash for everyday needs without having to sell your favorite crypto assets.

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What Can You Do
with a Crypto Loan?

There are many ways to increase your wealth using cryptocurrencies. Crypto loans are one of the tools to do that. They can
cover short term liquidity needs without sacrificing your crypto’s upside potential, but they can also be used to allow you to
trade more crypto or take advantage of tax benefits.

Learn More Strategies
  • Cover your personal or business cashflow needs instantly while keeping your crypto assets on your books
  • Use your loan to buy more crypto, then pay your loan back from the price increase of your assets
  • Instead of paying taxes on your crypto gains, take a loan to get cash and keep your tax dollars

5 Supported Crypto Collateral Options

Multi-loans: take as many loans as you’d like concurrently

Min. loan amount starts at $100

Your Risk Level, Your choice

We let you decide how much risk you’re willing to take, that is why our interest rates (APR) are not determined by LTV or loan duration, but solely by your collateral asset.

Allowing you to benefit from a higher LTV means:

  • you can borrow more with having to lock in less crypto
  • you can earn interest on your crypto that is not locked in collateral
  • you can trade your crypto that is not locked in collateral
Start Borrowing

In order to get 1200 USDC as loan using ETH as collateral at 60 % LTV for 45 days at the current exchange rate I need to place 6.23 ETH ($ 1320 worth) as coverage for my loan. The best offer on the platform right now is 7% APR.

The loan will be terminated when the exchange rate of the collateral drops to XXXX .

A margin call reminder will be sent to you at XXXXX

Best part is:

When I repay my loan I will get back my cryptocurrency in full.


      Your crypto collateral’s market value increased? Take out more liquidity with Instant Credit.

      Inlock allows you to take advantage of the price increase of your crypto collateral and get additional liquidity with the same terms as your original loan. We’ll let you know when your price increase allows for additional funds so you can always maximize your crypto’s potential.

      • No need to get re-approved
      • You loan contract is automatically updated

      Our crypto loans allow you to maximize your buying potential!

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      Instant Credit

      Early Payback Won’t Cost You a Fortune

      A new investment opportunity came up? You are no longer in a liqudity crunch?
      You can choose to pay back your loan as early as you want, and unlike our competitors we won’t charge you a premium for
      early payback. With Inlock if you terminate your loan within 10 days from origination, you’ll pay 10 days of interest,
      otherwise you’ll only pay interest up until the day your loan is repaid.

      What is the minimum amount of interest you’ll have to pay when you repay your loan early?

      Inlock logo Celsius nexo small
      10 days worth of interest 6 months worth of interest 30 days worth of interest

      Information in this table was taken from public official resources as of May 10th, 2021

      No Small Print. Just Honesty

      We pride ourselves in being honest and doing what’s best for our clients. That is why we don’t hide our terms & conditions in sub-pages and small prints. You earn what you see with Inlock.

      • No loan origination fee
      • $100 min loan amount
      • Multi-loan capability: you can take as many loans as you’d like concorrently
      • Instant loan approval & funds are available instantly
      • No fee for withdrawing or transfering funds
      • No limit on the amount of withdrawals
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      Binance SmartChain integration

      Now you can deposit crypto assets via Binance SmartChain.