Use your crypto to get USDC without selling it! 

The Instant Credit function is based on the principle that if the exchange rate of the crypto asset used for the original loan’s collateral has increased, the extra over-insurance on the loan can be used to borrow extra credit, while pushing the contract back to the original LTV.

This service allows you to take out a new loan on the collateral of your existing loan without having to sign a new contract.

In practice, this means if you borrow 25k USDC for 1 BTC with an LTV of 50% and then the exchange rate of BTC goes up to 100k USD, you can always accept the Instant Credit offer and get a further 25k USDC loan without having to include new collateral or take out a new loan.

If the value of your collateral has increased, you’ll see both on the web platform and in the mobile app that the option to apply for an Instant Credit will open automatically.

It’s worth pre-paying the original loan so you can have immediate access to its full collateral.

Learn how your loans can provide you with funding when you need it most!

Using your BTC, ETH, or LTC towards a collateralized loan with Inlock is fast, secure, and easy.

Inlock clients use our services for anything from diversifying investments and repaying down debt to buying more crypto or purchasing real estate — all without having to sell their crypto.

How to get a loan, and how does it work?

Inlock offers USDC loans collateralized by your crypto assets. 

What does that mean? Well, we give you USDC and you give us Bitcoin (₿), Ether (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) or BNB to secure the repayment. It couldn’t be more simple. Clients can apply for a loan in less than 2 minutes and be funded in USDC directly into their wallets in as few minutes. 

1.) Register or Sign up with your e-mail address and your phone number switch on Google 2FA and you are ready to use Inlock

2.) Deposit your crypto assets to your secure Inlock Account. The platform supports BTC, ETH, LTC, BNB. The credit limit immediately adjusted and available for you to use.

3.) Set your own terms, contract and start spending USDC!

4.) You can repay whenever you want during the contract period. You can also reduce the borrowed amount and the further interest by early repayments.

Cool, right?

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