ILK token is the membership token of the Inlock Platform that can be purchased and sold on the Inlock Tokenmarket.

Access the Tokenmarket on under the services menu, where you can buy or sell your ILK tokens for Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin and USDC coin pairs.

On the Inlock Tokenmarket, you can place orders at a predetermined price as well as place orders to buy and sell immediately. Tokens put on offer will be sold depending on the demand.

Choose the trading pair you prefer (BTC, ETH, LTC, USDC)!
Enter the quantity and price you want to sell and click on the Sell or Buy button! You will see your orders in the running transactions.

Once the order is fulfilled, the token will be added to your Savings Account.

Tokenmarket is only available after a fully approved customer identification.

You can also trade ILK tokens on the Liquid exchange.

Please be careful if you wish to purchase tokens from another source, such as an exchange not supported by Inlock or from an individual. These are not guaranteed to be reliable.