Users of the INLOCK Lending Platform ( can freely decide on their finances anytime.

INLOCK is paying interest for their Clients after cryptocurrencies stored in the INLOCK Savings Account, all in a fully guaranteed assured way.
Cryptocurrencies stored in the Savings Account are becoming liquidity for the borrowers on the platform. Clients of INLOCK can be lenders (as a customer of INLOCK Savings Account) and/or borrowers at the same time.

INLOCK is the perfect solution for those cryptocurrency owners who struggle with short-term liquidity problems but also don’t want to sell their cryptos. Once the cryptocurrency has been deposited, the loan amount will be credited immediately by accepting the offer.
-no credit check
-no credit rating
-no waiting time

Every loan agreement is overcovered, which means the value of the assurance must be greater than the actual debt. If the value of assurance falls below the required level, the automated collateral management function terminates the assurance and reimburses the loan.

Clients can handle their loan agreements in several ways:
– They can deposit or withdraw collateral
– They can repay partially or entirely, completely free of charge, or
– They can terminate their agreement, in which case the loan should be repaid at the expense of the collateral.

The system sends a warning message to the borrower if there is a decrease in the value of the collateral.