The INLOCK platform provides Savings Account and Loan services to its clients. Users of the crypto wallet can earn interest income while providing liquidity to the borrowers, all this without any commitment or bound.

Borrowers can take out loans on overinsured collateral. The platform is completely automated and operates in its current form since 2018. Thanks to automated collateral management, INLOCK can guarantee that every lender will get their money back.

The produced interest of the INLOCK Savings Account generally comes from lending the crypto assets to institutional players in the short or medium term, but with a fixed callback. INLOCK maintains a daily supply in case of all crypto assets, which helps us handle the expected withdrawal demand. This supply is significant in Bitcoin, Ethereum and the stablecoins (above 25.000-50.000 USD), however, it is lower in case of other assets. When a client wishes to withdraw an amount of coins so high, we don’t have an own supply for, the withdrawal happens by manual approval and a liquidity expansion begins as part of which the given asset is recalled from one or more partners. The processing time takes about 1 or 2 hours although our contract allows 2 business days. Since most of our partners are located in the USA and Singapore, time delays and holidays can affect the waiting time. In case of more than 98% of the withdrawals, the platform is able to handle them automatically from the internal reserves within 10 minutes.