Inlock Pioneer Program

Join Inlock’s Pioneer/Referral Program where both You and your invitees can receive rewards after new deposits!

If your invitee makes a deposit of at least $100*, you will both receive a reward. The more crypto they deposit, the higher the value of the reward, which can be up to US$125 worth of bitcoin.

The reward levels presented here have been introduced at 3 PM on the 16th of August, 2022. All our clients who have registered before this date will still receive their reward in accordance with the previous conditions and reward structure seen and accepted at registration.



Your invitee has 30 days from registration to deposit at least $100 worth of BTC, ETH, LTC, USDC or PAXG into their Inlock account. The invitation reward is only valid if one of the listed cryptocurrencies are deposited.

During the 30-day investment period, the referred client can deposit crypto as many times as they wish – this way they can become eligible to an even higher reward.

After 30 days, we determine the amount of the reward based on the balance of the deposit account.

The closing balance must be maintained during the subsequent 90-day savings period. Only after the balance has been maintained for 90 days will the client become eligible for the reward.

After the 90-day savings period, you and your friend will both receive your rewards – in bitcoin! Rewards are paid on the 28th of the following month.

You can read more about the terms of the reward here.

The previous (before April 20, 2021) and the new Pioneer Program cannot be combined. All clients who joined after April 20, 2021, or did not participate in the previous program will automatically join the new program. Our clients using the old system can access the new Program by clicking the “join” button.