You are entitled to receive interest if you deposit cryptocurrency in your Savings Account. Interest will be credited only after the first full day of crypto assets being placed in the Savings Account. Interest is paid on Wednesdays of each week, at which point you will be paid interest on the full days accrued until then.

  • You are not entitled to receive interest during the period in which:
  • You are requesting a loan offer (technically your cryptocurrency will be locked during this time).
  • You are not entitled to receive credited interest on the ILK token if you aim to sell your tokens on INLOCK TokenMarket, regardless of whether the given amount of ILK token has been actually sold.
  • Your account is locked as described in the Terms of Use.
  • You use swap function.
  • Interest crediting is only available if the daily interest amount is higher than 0.01 US dollar (1 cent) in a specific crypto currency.

The completed customer identification (KYC) is required to earn interest.