The INLOCK token (ILK) is the membership token of the INLOCK platform. Token owners can realize higher interest rates on their cryptocurrencies by storing them in their Savings Account. You can read about our current Bonus Levels here:

Using the INLOCK Savings Account is free of charge.

Members of the INLOCK Prime Program can initiate voting on changes regarding the platform with the amount of their own ILK token.

The ILK token is available to buy or sell on the or the websites.

ILK is a standard ERC20 utility token that runs on the Ethereum network.

The total token supply: ILK 4,400,000,000

Token Address: 0xf784682c82526e245f50975190ef0fff4e4fc077

Token symbol: ILK

Decimal digits: 8

You can follow up on the circulating stock at Coinmarketcap:

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