Inlock is a Savings Account service for cryptocurrency owners.

The platform offers Savings Account and Loan services for their Clients. Users of the crypto wallet can receive interest yield while providing liquidity for the borrowers, all of these without any commitment or restriction. The interest is credited on a daily basis and paid on a weekly basis. The interests published by the platform can be understood on a full year term.

Borrowers can take out over collateralised loans. Inlock supports multiple types of cryptocurrencies, like the popular Bitcoin, Ethereum, but the USD and gold-based stable coins also play an important role. The platform is fully automated and is in operatation since 2018. Thanks to the automatic collateral management, Inlock guarantees that the lenders will regain access to their funds.

Inlock’s platform places a strong emphasis on the security of the system. The platform was launched by cybersecurity experts and it proved to be successful at an extensive IT security and process examination during the summer of 2020. The platform handles the client assets, which are stored in a high-level security system provided by Fireblocks. It was audited by Ernst & Young, one of the largest auditor companies in the world, and received the SOC 2 Type II certification.

By using the Saving Account service, our Clients can acquire a significantly higher interest income beyond the basic interests, if they possess the platform’s proper token as well (ILK token). The ILK token is in circulation since 2018, its security was tested by the auditor company CoinFabrik, and was traded in more than 100 million USD value in different exchange markets up to this day. Our Clients needs to own a predetermined amount of token (25 thousand, 100 thousand or 1 million) to reach levels of  significantly higher interest.

The web application of the Inlock platform can be reached at