Dear Inlockers!

Our development team has been busy: we have already released the Tokenmarket this year and many of you already tried its functionalities. We would like to thank you for all the feedback you provided, which we already implemented to meet your expectations. We’re happy to announce that in preparation for the stable coin loan function we will enable the BNB/ILK trade pair on the Tokenmarket in the upcoming days. We of course monitor trends and it is reasonable to think that Binance token is here to stay and becoming more popular than ever, therefore, BNB will be accepted as potential collateral for loans as well!

As you probably know our first financial product: Superposition was opened on Jan 15th. and in one month a significant number of Superposition was contracted already! Superposition is also the first in a sense that customers have to pay the platform fees in ILK tokens which already contributed to Tokenmarket traffic as well.  Of course, this traffic is marginal to what the platform is capable of handling – as soon as the stable coin loan service is launched, the traffic will grow substantially as well. We decided to launch the Tokenmarket along with Superposition prior to any lending service because this puts us in a sweet spot where we can observe most of our functions in a live environment.

In our next post, we’ll share the details of the upcoming P2P stable coin lending function in details. Oh, I almost forgot: you can help us find the perfect name for the P2P stable coin product by entering the naming contest!