The Swiss economy is one of the most advanced and stable in Europe, and its banking system, based on centuries of tradition, continues to generate substantial income.

Switzerland has a strong commitment to privacy and security when it comes to finance. They also have a strong tradition of political neutrality and international cooperation. When it comes to wars, opposing states are also able to keep their values ​​safe here.

How do cryptocurrencies come into the picture?

The country has been a pioneer in crypto regulation, with the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) issuing licenses to banks and other financial institutions that wish to serve the crypto industry. The canton of Zug has become an oasis for crypto companies in Europe. The end result is more than 800 crypto and blockchain companies call Switzerland home.

Blockchain technology provides the freedom to store our assets securely and anonymously in a more transparent way than ever before, thanks to its distributed ledger technology.

In addition to being a pioneer in so many ways, Switzerland is also home to many international organizations. Even Crypto Valley Association was founded here in Zug, which can be viewed as the crypto capital of Europe.

Inlock is constantly working to build partnerships, learn from the community and improve our services, and we felt the time was right for us to join a larger community.

We are excited to announce that from now on, Inlock is officially a member of the Crypto Valley Association, the leading Switzerland-based advocate for the advancement of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Valley is uniquely positioned to make the most of the decentralized Swiss political system and its matchless business environment.

A Lot to Look Forward To

We are excited about collaborating with other key players in Switzerland to ensure the continued development of crypto in the industry so that everyone can achieve true financial freedom.

Inlock’s service for institutional players is already up and running, and we are aiming to build as many partnerships as possible.

For further information/questions or interest to collaborate, please contact us