With 2FA Verification, you’ll protect your Inlock account with both your password and your phone.

Signing in with 2FA Verification is easy.

  1. Go to the sign-in page and enter your username and password like you normally do.
  2. Then you’ll be asked for a second verification step, like a six-digit code or a prompt, which you’ll receive from Google on your phone. 

If you set up 2FA Verification, you can use the Google Authenticator app to receive codes even if you don’t have an Internet connection or mobile service.

Authenticator app 2FA codes are based on time and thus require the time on your phone to be in-sync with the official time.

If your phone’s time is out of sync, or if you have changed time zones, the best way to fix it is to change the time settings on your phone from “Manual” to “Automatic”.

On iPhone

Go to the Settings app -» Select General -» Select Date & Time -» Enable Set Automatically

On Android

Go to the Settings app -» Select General Management-» Select Date & Time -» Enable Automatic date and Time

If you see two positions for your Inlock account in your authenticator application, please check which one is working and delete/remove/hide the other one.

If you still require assistance, please email our support team at support via inlock.io

Depending on the problem, we might have to disable the 2FA on your Inlock account.

Please note that due to security reasons, we will require you to provide us with specific personal information. Only after that, we will be able to disable 2FA authentication on your Inlock account.