Discover the newly released Inlock App!

We are excited to announce that the Inlock platform has reached another major milestone: our new app is now available both on mobile and the web – with new features and the brand’s sleek design that debuted last summer! 

We believe that the new app will make using Inlock’s services even more enjoyable and seamless for both our old and new clients, as our team of digital and design experts has been working intensively on the design, development and testing over the past months.

Our new interface has been shaped by the collaboration of several designers to achieve an even better customer experience from different perspectives, not only in terms of how consistent the colours, shapes and sizes of buttons or menu items are, but also in terms of how clear the information is and how easy it is for users to navigate through the platform. For example, designing the amount of descriptive information was a serious challenge, because while a beginner may need more information, an experienced user may be bothered by too much detail. 

With the arrival of the app, our clients have many more new options to customize certain features of the interface. 

More features became available on the new app

  • Inlock users will now have a much clearer overview of the composition and volume of their assets stored on the platform thanks to portfolio and graph views. The individual cryptocurrencies/wallets have also received their own screen where, for example, exchange rate changes can be tracked (in addition to HUF, USD, EUR, now in CHF and GBP as well), along with the history of each coin (deposit, withdrawal, swap).
  • The history function has also been redesigned, thus making events more transparent that can be sorted back and forth by date, and filtered for each crypto asset. The history of badges has also been added to a separate list.
  • The Inlock platform’s Membership system has also been improved with an easy-to-use interface, where users can immediately see what discounts their ILK balance or badge offers them and how they can make the most out of them.
  • Buying and selling ILK tokens also became even faster and more convenient, as it is now possible to swap ILK tokens. In fact, the great news for our clients who actively manage ILK portfolios is that limit price ILK order management (i.e. trading on the tokenmarket) will be available in the mobile app as well. The entire tokenmarket is getting introduced with a new interface on the web!
  • The loan function has also improved: we created an overview interface, which will be a great help for clients who actively use multiple loans to manage their contracts. For example, they can see the amount of the outstanding loan and its earliest maturity date in an aggregated way.
  • A new customer identification process awaits the new registrants on the Inlock platform. In addition to faster identification, we’ve enabled convenience features such as instantly continuing/completing a process on a mobile device that was started on a computer, without having to install anything on the phone. This makes it much easier to photograph documents for identification. In addition, notifications of expired documents and data changes have been simplified, as these can now be done within the app.
  • Inlock users will also be informed about our latest promotions within the app, as well as be provided with a range of personalized offers, such as loan offers.

Upgrade or download it now!

Our app is now available on Google Play and the App Store!

Don’t hesitate to try it out and rate it!